Q. How can I contact my son or daughter in case of emergency?
A. Please contact North Salt Lake Stake Trek Leader XXX or the missionaries at Martin’s Cove (307-328-2953) or Sixth Crossing (307-544-2215).

Q. Can I bring a relative or friend?
A. Only those youth who live in the stake boundaries can participate in Trek.

Q. Can I bring a nonmember who lives in our stake boundaries?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Who can go on Trek?
A. All youth who are age 14-18 as of August 31, 2018 will be invited to participate.

Q. What if I turn 14 in September? Can I participate?
A. If a youth is entering the 9th grade in school at the end of the summer but will not have turned 14 years of age by August 31, 2018, parents should contact the 1st counselor in their ward bishopric to discuss options.

Q. Can I go if I turn 19 before August 31, 2018?
A. No, if a youth turns 19 prior to August 31, 2018 they are not eligible to attend Trek.

Q. Do I have to ride on the bus?
A. All participants (youth and adult Family Trek Leaders) will travel by buses that will be secured by the stake.

Q. Are phones or other electronic devices allowed on Trek?
A. No. Please leave all phones, iPods, tablets or other electronic devices at home.

Q. How are families organized?
A. Under the direction of the stake presidency, youth are divided into families of approximately 10-12 and are assigned to an Adult Family Advisor couple. We encourage the youth and their parents to support the family assignments.

Q. Can I wear contacts?
A. The use of contacts is discouraged. Wyoming can be windy and the handcarts might make a lot of dust. Plan now to have a pair of glasses you can use. If you must wear contacts have a sturdy pair of sunglasses on hand to protect your eyes.

 Q. Who can I contact to discuss medical information about my child?
A. There is space on the parental permission and medical release form to list medical information. You may also contact Dr. XXX who will be the trek medical team leader if you have concerns.

Q. Who should I contact about my child’s food allergies?
A. There is space on the parental permission and medical release form to list food allergies. (You may also contact the food committee contact person – please check back.)

Q. What are the sleeping arrangements?
A. Trek families will camp together in tents. The female Adult Family Advisor will share a tent with the female youth in her family, and the male Adult Family Advisor will sleep in his own tent outside the tent with the male youth in his family. The youth are not expected to bring tents, but should bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

Q. What are the bathroom facilities?
A. No showers are provided during the Trek, but bathroom facilities are available along the route and at the campsite each night.

Q. Is there a map of the trail that will be followed?
Please visit Martin’s Cove for maps and more information.

Q. How will I know if I am physically ready?
A. You should be able to walk/run 4 miles on level ground in 60 minutes or less. Refer to the Get Fit link.