Statement of Responsibility

This Pioneer Trek Youth Conference will be held in a wilderness setting. Participants will be “roughing it.” The stake will provide food, restroom facilities, safe drinking water, and learning activities. Each participant must act in accordance with Church standards at all times, and aid other members of the conference in behaving in accordance with Church standards.

There are inherent risks involved in all outdoor activities, including this stake sponsored Youth Conference, which are beyond the control of the stake staff and officers. Proper preparation reduces these risks and is the responsibility of all participants. These considerations should include a warm sleeping bag, warm clothing, a poncho or rain coat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and other items listed on the personal equipment list. In addition, all participants must proactively ensure that they stay hydrated throughout the activity. All participants must act in such a way as to not endanger themselves or others, and should show charitable consideration to all other participants and leaders in the Trek.

Each participant should condition themselves physically for this experience. Specifically, each participant must be able to complete a minimum requirement of walking/running four (4) miles on level ground in 60 minutes or less without undue stress.

The Trek will be conducted on private property. Each participant must abide by the “No Trace Camping” protocols to maintain the wilderness nature of the property. In particular, each participant must avoid littering of any kind.

Registration Process

Please print and complete the LDS Church’s Medical Release and Trek Permission Form and then give it to your YM or YW president by February 15, 2018.