Stake Presidency Message

Our Dear Young Women and Young Men,

The women, children, and men in the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies demonstrated great faith as they heeded the call of Brigham Young to gather to the Salt Lake Valley from their homes in Europe. These pioneers suffered through terrible winter conditions for which they were ill-prepared, surviving on limited rations and struggled through terrible hardships. Many paid the ultimate price, giving their lives on those very plains. Yet, they counted themselves privileged because of the price they paid to know the True and Living God, even Jesus Christ. (Alma 5:13)

The only purpose of our visit to the sacred places where these events transpired is to help you strengthen your faith in your Savior and in your Redeemer. In addition to your daily study of the Book of Mormon, we invite you to read and learn of the faith of these wonderful pioneers for one purpose: to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ. Read about the lives of these pioneers and ponder on the miracles and faith demonstrated by their lives. We promise you that, during this Trek, as you prayerfully ponder on your own questions about the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord will unfold and confirm marvelous doctrines about our Savior that will forever be etched upon your heart. We further promise that you will receive personal revelation from your loving Heavenly Father to the questions of your soul.

Stake Presidency, North Salt Lake